Midge Coleman fine art            

paintings from life

New Arrivals, acrylic 18x24

Welcome to my site. Spending half the year in mid-coast Maine provides wonderful inspiration.... from ocean to woodland stream.... from  village to mounain.... each place is special with Maine's amazing light that has attracted painters to the state for centuries.

My work is not intended to be a copy of nature, but is my impression of the scene found on that particular day.  My success is when you, the viewer, can experience the same emotion I felt when chancing upon the scene.

Travels also take me to the southwest where you will find work from my last visit.

Working in acrylic, oil and pastel, I choose the best medium for the work.  Enjoy the pages that follow and learn more about my journey on the page for Painter and find gallery representation. The paintings on the site are framed and for sale. E-mail me for a work you would like to know more about. I also welcome creating for you a special painting with your choice of subject and medium.