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This is what all painters strive for,  and I hope you can feel the emotion I felt when chancing upon the scene... it is my pleasure to share the work with you as I continue to seek out new wonders to capture on canvas.  

My work has been shown on the juried art show circuit, in galleries in Maine, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and in museum and corporate settings, receiving awards in oil, acrylic and pastel.  Commissions are welcome and if you are interested in seeing archived work, I am happy to share work now in private collections.

Visit often as new work is always on the easel and being added to the site.  Details for purchase can be found on "the journey" page.


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midge coleman fine art

               paintings from life

Facing Rock Bottom - 30x40 - $1,500 - Gallery

Finding Solace, - 30x30 - $1,300 -  Studio

"Beauty in art is truth bathed in an impression received from nature...reality is one part of art;  feeling completes it...before any subject,  abandon yourself to your first impression. " Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot                                                                            

Going Downhill, - 30x30 - $1,300 -  Studio