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Midge Coleman's representational paintings will introduce you to Maine's rockbound coast and its island communities, providing vistas of land, sea and sky under Maine's crystal clear light.

Focusing on the beauty around her, Midge's goal is to capture Maine's essence and share with you the emotion she felt when experiencing these moments of peace and wonder.

Please e-mail Midge with questions concerning her creative process and follow her painting adventures on 'the journey' page.  Her work is held in private collections across the country and received awards in three mediums, while shown in museum and corporate settings, juried art shows, and in galleries in Maine, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  



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Gilding the Lily,  Ames Pond, Stonington - 24x36

"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."

Edward Hopper

  midge coleman fine art          

paintings from life

"When I arrive in Maine, I start seeing again..."  William Kienbusch

11 a.m. South Bristol - 12x16

High Noon, Boothbay