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I hope my Maine paintings introduce you to this wondrous state.  On the site you can visit Maine's rocky coast, her many rivers and islands...with my two goals have captured on canvas  Maine's unique landscape and amazing light...and the emotion of that moment when I chanced upon the scene at a certain hour of the day.

New work is always on the easel and trust you enjoy experiencing Maine through my art.  It is my privilege to share these places with you.  I hope  my work encourages you to explore and discover more of the coast,  the islands and the many wonderful land trusts/preserves throughout the state.

If  you find a special place you would like on canvas, I am happy to create a  painting. for you.  Archived work in private collections is available on request.   Visit 'the journey'  page to find out more about my painting adventures.

                                                                                                         enjoy....    Midge Coleman


e-mail me for  more information  on a  painting  you may be interested in,  including frame description...or to be added to the mail list  when new work is added to the site

midge coleman fine art

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."


  paintings from life

Finding Solace - 30x30 - $1,200 - Studio

Patterns - 12x12 - $300 - Gallery