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"Beauty in art is truth, wrapped in an impression received from nature....as an artist, one must be true to that  first impression and never lose the emotion of the scene before you.... for reality is one part of art, but feeling completes it........"  

    Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

River Birches - acrylic - 20x20

Lands End  -  acrylic - 20x24

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paintings from life

As I continue painting nature's gifts, I hope the work gives you a sense of the beauty around us. A realist painter, I strive to capture with paint the emotion I felt, and hope the work inspires you to treasure and protect these special places.

The page "the journey" shares my growth as a painter as I seek out new places and challenges to share with you.

Art sustains and enriches our lives... may the moments you spend here make your day a little more special.


South of the Border - acrylic - 24x36