Midge Coleman fine art            

paintings from life

Garden Party, Acrylic 20x20

Long Hot Summer Acrylic 12x36

Art  has been sustaining and enriching our lives for centuries.  Wherever your travels take you, may you have the opportunity to study, enjoy and make art a part of your life.  

In my work, I do not try to paint a copy of nature, but rather my goal is to capture my impression of the moment, so you can feel the same emotion I felt  when chancing upon the scene.  This is the painter's challenge ..... to bring the beauty and the glory of nature to you.

A realist painter, I work in three mediums.....  acrylic, oil and pastel, choosing the best medium for the subject.  You can visit the page for Painter/Galleries to learn more about me and find gallery representation.

All the work on the site  is for sale and framed.  Please e-mail me for information about price and frame description of a painting you may have an interest in.  Thank you for taking the time to share my work, and feel free to e-mail any comments or questions you may have about the creation of the work... sharing the process and challenge is always welcome.

Enjoy,  Midge Coleman