the journey        

From Midge Coleman's studio in Newcastle, Maine she discovers new subjects to capture on canvas, exploring Maine's island communities and its many land trusts and preserves. By showcasing these pristine places in her paintings, she hopes her work encourages visits to of nature's best in Maine.

"Each painting is based on a real place, a moment that I have experienced and been inspired by...when I can share this moment with you nothing is more rewarding --what a marvelous high."

Midge's early training in oil was at the Ridgewood Art Institute, and this beginning encouraged her to study new mediums including pastel and acrylic. Traveling across the country she continues her adventures, guided by the best landscape painters working today.

Invited to show her work in galleries, corporate venues, juried art shows and publications, she has received awards and recognition in three mediums.  

The paintings on the site are done in acrylic, a medium which continues to excite and challenge-- while working with the Munsell theory of color. The Munsell color wheel uses five principal colors spaced around the wheel which shifts the color complements.   This color theory was developed by A. H. Munsell in reponse to the new school of French impressionist painters using strong saturated color complements in their work-- offering exciting interpretations of landscape not seen before by their contemporaries.

Archived work is available on  request.

Work shown on the site is available through the winter studio (201-666-4630) and my summer Maine studio (207-586-5234) which is open by appointment.