Midge Coleman         

Maine's island communities and the many midcoast land trusts and preserves inspire me. Each year I am drawn to new subjects to paint under Maine's extraordinary crystal light.  I hope my work encourages visits to... and protection of ...these amazing places.

I first studied oil at the Ridgewood Art Institute, and this beginning encouraged me to study new mediums including pastel and acrylic with talented painters who shared their gifts and knowledge.

The paintings on the site are done in acrylic--a most exciting and challenging medium.  This exploration has led me to working with the Munsell theory of  color... deciding on the dominant temperature and color of the work... along with the dominant color's complement for contrast and interest.

The work has been shown in galleries, juried art shows and corporate venues in six east coast states receiving awards in several mediums.  I am happy to share archived work on request.

Each painting is a new challenge. I apply all my resources to first clarify the mood and then use shapes, value, temperature and color to capture the emotion of the moment. When I can share my personal vision of the subject... nothing is more rewarding --what a marvelous high.