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American Impressionist Society

National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society

National  Society of Painters in Casein/Acrylic

Oil Painters of America

Open  Painters Society

Plein Air Painters of Central Park

Plein Air Painters of the Lower Hudson Valley

Plein Air Painters of Maine

Plein Air Painters of New York

Ridgewood Art Institute

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I began my journey studying oils at the Ridgewood Art Institute, following the principles of Frank Vincent DuMond,  noted American impressionist and teacher. This beginning encouraged me to study new mediums, including pastel and acrylic with talented painters who shared their gifts and knowledge.

Acrylic has become my medium of choice.  With it, I can work with multiple layers, first using a color's complement to achieve areas of broken color throughout the painting.  Acrylic's flexibility and versatility allows for continued exploration of this exciting medium.

From my summer studio, the midcoast of Maine offers exciting vistas of land, sea and sky.  Each new discovery presents the not paint what I see, but what I must make others see. When the painting tells a story, I've accomplished my goal to share the essence of the subject before me.

I always enjoy sharing my creative process and am happy to answer any questions about a painting or send on a larger image of a work.  

  midge coleman fine art          

Study:  Lanell Arndt, Kenn Backhaus, John Budicin, James Coe, Glenna Hartmann, William Hook, Helen Jacobs, Betty Kaytes, Susan Ogilivie, Linda Packard, Colin Page, Robert Rohm, Gail Sauter, Phil Starke, and George Strickland