new work

...these paintings represent my most recent work as I continue to explore Maine's midcoast and share with you these places of wonder which provide inspiration for each new painting...from the first exciting discovery...or on a revisit for a second look....

"It is important that the artist should regard every new painting as an entirely special world of color, light, form, and line."  Nicolai Fechin

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...questions about the creative process or details on a painting...please e-mail

Night Moves
20x20 - $1500
Water World
20x24 - $1750
First Encounter
16x16 - $850
Traveling South
20x16 - $1000
20x20 - $1500
Upright Standing
20x16 - $1000
24x24 - $2000
Oak Creek
9x12 - $700
Fog at Two Lights
36x36 -$3500
Forecast - Rain
12x12 - $750
24x36 - $3000
Sheepscot Spring
24x24 - $2000